Americhem Releases 2022 Color Trends

Published 01/26/2021

Americhem has released their 2022 Color Trends. This year’s color trend palette is based on a theme of “Starved Senses & Fearless Futures,” a title that so deeply depicts what we have all gone through and what we hope for. There are 4 stories to go along with this theme, which are “Essentials,” “Refocus,” “Tech-novation,” and “Reconnection.” The colors in this palette bring us back to the basics with colors that represent the natural elements of life.

Americhem’s Global Branding & Digital Marketing Leader, Hailey Cassidy, stated, “Americhem’s 2022 Color Trends take you through a journey that starts with a look back on what is now global history and brings us full circle to the beautiful element of reconnection. These colors are inspired by a wide variety of life moments from being quarantined in our homes all the way to traveling and sharing embraces once again. We’ve taken the time to think deeply about each one of the colors and how it would translate into our current and potential customers’ end applications. There are colors in our trend report that can paired with everything from automotive interiors to life-saving medical devices.”

If you want access to Americhem’s full 2022 Color Trends Presentation, visit their website to contact a representative today by filling out the Commercial Inquiry form HERE

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