Copley High School AP Chemistry Class Visits Americhem HQ in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Published 03/23/2019

CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio (March 23, 2019) – Americhem, a globally recognized designer and manufacturer of custom color masterbatch, functional additives, engineered compounds and performance technologies, invited Copley High School’s AP Chemistry class to visit their headquarters and one of their manufacturing plants in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

On May 21st , the class visited Americhem, a 78-year old, family-owned company, which uses its advanced technologies to manufacture a variety of polymeric products that enhance the durability, weather-resistance and appeal of products used by consumers every day. Some examples of products that Americhem’s compounds and masterbatches go into are WeatherTech® FloorLiners, PetComfort® pet feeding systems, Ford® cars and trucks, field turf at the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, sports stadium seating such as Orlando City Soccer Club, surgical instruments, marker caps, soft drink bottles, milk bottles, and exterior home components such as siding, fencing, and decking. The students got to see all aspects of manufacturing, analytical analysis, testing, color design and research and development. They spoke with chemists, engineers, production managers, student interns, plant managers, quality managers and corporate staff.

During the manufacturing plant tour, Jim Huston, Americhem’s Plant Manager of their Steels Corners, Cuyahoga Falls location, asked the students what ‘viscosity’ was. Jim was simply looking for the answer, “how thick or thin a fluid is,” but the students retorted back with, “the resistance of a fluid to deformation while under stress.” Jim was amazed by the perfect textbook answer that the class gave! This was a proud moment for all Copley High School AP Chemistry class teachers.

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