Americhem Launches New EcoLube™ Line of PFAS-Free Internally Lubricated Compounds

Published 06/13/2024

Eco-friendly lubricant technology delivers advanced tribological and mechanical properties in moving plastic parts.


Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio (June 13th, 2024) – Americhem, Inc., a globally recognized designer and manufacturer of custom color masterbatch, functional additives, engineered compounds, and performance technologies, has launched the EcoLube™ line of PFAS-free internally lubricated compounds. EcoLube™ delivers advanced tribological and mechanical properties in moving plastic parts while addressing industry challenges around proposed PFAS regulations and promoting environmental responsibility.

Poly- or perfluoroalkyl (PFAS) and associated substances, including polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), have come under regulatory scrutiny due to their persistence in the environment and potential health risks. While PFAS has been widely used in various industrial applications, including in some plastics for their non-stick and lubricating properties, there's a growing demand for PFAS-free alternatives.

“With regulations around the world severely restricting or banning the use of PFAS and PTFE, converters and manufacturers are challenged with finding alternatives that can match its self-lubricating performance,” said Matt Miklos, Vice President/General Manager of Americhem Engineered Compounds. “Our new PFAS-free EcoLube™ line showcases Americhem's dedication to innovation addressing our customers’ concerns while promoting environmental responsibility and product safety.”

Optimizing Performance Without PFAS

EcoLube™ pre-lubricated engineered compounds and alloys are designed to help manufacturers reduce the wear and friction of moving plastic parts, reduce noise during use, and decrease coefficient of friction for plastic-on-plastic and plastic-on-metal applications – all without the use of PFAS components. End-use applications can include healthcare, industrial, transportation, building & construction, and more.

“Our EcoLube™ line combines Americhem’s specialty thermoplastics compounding experience with our lubricant additive technology to offer advanced eco-friendly solutions packaged to optimize the performance of a variety of products in markets like medical devices, industrial applications, nonautomotive vehicles, and more,” added Matt Miklos.

Developed with a focus on cost reduction, service life, and environmental impact, EcoLube™ compounds offer a lightweight, suitable and sustainable replacement for metal with formulations that resist corrosion and other damaging factors.

EcoLube™ Family of Lubricants

EcoLube™ shatters the limitations of conventional lubrication, ushering in a new era of embedded performance. This revolutionary technology integrates specially designed functional additives directly into the material providing long-lasting lubrication from within.  A variety of functional additives cater to specific applications, resulting in a versatile EcoLube™ product line capable of tackling a wide range of lubrication challenges.

  • Solid state, non-migrating lubricants that stand up to extreme pressures, reducing frictional wear and "slip-stick" behavior in nylon bearings.
  • Multifunctional, migrating, boundary lubricants reduce the coefficient of friction and wear rate by providing immediate lubrication at start-up and high speeds.
  • Non-traditional formulations offer shear reinforcement and abrasion resistance between moving, mating parts.
  • Low Friction, non-migratory additives are designed to offset PTFE in various applications and thermoplastics.

A Wide Range of Base Resins

Americhem has formulated EcoLube™ compounds in a wide variety of base resins that include ABS, PBT, PCABS, PC, PEI, PPE, PPS, PE, PP, PSU, PPSU, POM, PEEK, PPA, PA, and TPU.

Predicting Friction and Wear

Using industry-backed data, Americhem’s experts can analyze the application, materials of the mating parts, product life cycle, and frequency of use to predict the coefficient of friction and wear-resistance rate. Their experience includes a practical approach to ensure you achieve real-world tribology, moldability, and CTQs with EcoLube™.

Americhem’s Commitment to Sustainability

At Americhem, they are not only committed to delivering high-performance solutions for their customers, but also doing so in a responsible environmentally and health-conscious way. That is why they developed EcoLube™, a family of tribological compounds that reduce friction and wear while minimizing the use of harmful additives and fossil-based materials. This new line is just one example of how Americhem aims to become a global sustainability leader in the polymers industry.

For any questions regarding EcoLube™ compounds, please contact Matt Miklos at

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