From added precolored compounds, electrical conductivity, lubricity and impact resistance, you can achieve your desired results with Infinity LTL’s highly engineered compounds – all with unmatched speed, service and technical expertise.
Our compounds are customized for you and are designed for more than 30 base engineering resins, including ABS, polycarbonate, nylons, acetal, PPA, polysulfone, polyethersulfone, PEEK and more. Each compound is specially crafted to meet your specific requirements.
Learn more about these technologies for a variety of markets on our Infinity LTL website: 
  • INSTRUC Structurally Reinforced Compounds
  • INLUBE Internally Lubricated Compounds
  • INELEC Electrically Active Compounds
  • INCOLOR Pre-Colored Compounds
  • INHIBIT Antimicrobial Compounds
Experience the difference only Americhem can offer through our exclusive value engineering model, which includes a wide range of time and cost-saving technologies, educational opportunities, testing capabilities, design services and expert support services. Contact us today.