There are countless formulation options to consider when designing masterbatches, from custom color matching to the functionality of the end product, such as UV stabilization, decreased friction or flame resistance.

To help you achieve the best balance of cost, performance and production efficiency, Americhem uses its advanced resources and decades of experience to test how all substances interact within the final product. We’ve spent years developing partnerships with the world’s top materials suppliers, keeping us on the forefront of plastic color concentrates, state-of-the-art pigment concentration and additive technology.

Americhem’s custom color masterbatches help you:
  • Achieve consistent results between different equipment, production lines and plant locations
  • Increase quality, product consistency and customer satisfaction
  • Save cost through reducing pigment use by 10–25% through full dispersion
  • Eliminate the need for strict color rotation
  • Reduce the need for aggressive processing equipment through full dispersion
  • Maintain cleaner facilities with reduction in health, safety and environmental issues
Our color masterbatches can be used as standalone products or in combination with a variety of performance-enhancing additives designed for multiple polymers. Examples of common additives include: Experience the difference only Americhem can offer through our exclusive value engineering model, which includes a wide range of time and cost-saving technologies, educational opportunities, testing capabilities, design services and expert support services. Contact us today.