Americhem’s comprehensive testing capabilities give you the knowledge you need to improve your processes and product performance. And with knowledge comes the power to confidently market your products.
As part of our value engineering model, we continue to expand our testing capabilities to best serve your business. Our experts can help you identify the best test methods for achieving your product goals with our in-house capabilities. Whether you’d like to enhance a product, design from scratch or reverse engineer, our analytical and physical testing will give you knowledge – and power.
There is a strong need for analytical testing in growing industries, such as plastics and synthetic fibers. Our analytical testing spans a wide variety of areas, including:
  • Polymer composition and properties, including melt point (Tm), glass transition (Tg), degree of crystallinity, molecular weight, thermal decomposition temperature, profile, and more
  • Polymer performance, including heat/shear stability, impact resistance, tensile strength, flexural modulus, viscosity, flammability
  • Dispersion quality and contaminant/impurity identification
  • Predictive heat buildup, including UV-VIS-NIR reflectance, transmittance and absorbance
  • End-group and un-reacted monomer analyses
  • Microscopy with ATR and ARO Capabilities 
Our analytical and physical testing facilities are located at our Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio World Headquarters to help you understand how your products will perform. Contact us to learn more.