Antioxidants for Additive Masterbatches and Concentrates

Antioxidant Additives for Custom Color Masterbatches

Thermoplastic materials are susceptible to oxidative/thermal degradation during processing and use.  Under normal processing conditions, free radicals and peroxides are generated and, when not stabilized, can result in yellowness, melt flow instabilities and loss of mechanical properties.  Antioxidants function by inhibiting the oxidation process, thereby enhancing processing and the useful life of the article. 

Americhem antioxidant masterbatches are engineered for the specific polymer and customized for specific end uses, to meet customer needs. Further, customization is possible with color and other additives as a single package.

Custom Color Concentrates Through Americhem

Your finished products were designed to perform a certain way. Our antioxidant additives enhance your plastic products during processing by defending them against heat, light, and chemicals. Contact us today to get the best additive masterbatches for your products to protect them from the effects of oxidation degradation.