Americhem mBrace™ Softening Additive

As a global masterbatch supplier, Americhem leads the industry with our exclusive mBrace™ softening additive technology designed specifically for the nonwoven market.


If you are like many nonwoven producers, you have been looking for a proven way to add more comfort and softness to your products. Americhem’s mBrace™ premier softening additive provides superior results in a cost-effective package. Available globally, mBrace™ is offered as a standalone masterbatch, or it can be combined with color and other additives to help you achieve your desired level of softness. No other softening additive manufacturer delivers the multi-attribute combinations or efficiency to bring added value to your supply chain while strengthening your position as a nonwoven textile manufacturer.

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Your customer’s tactile experience with your products leads to physical and psychological sensations that influence new and repeat purchases. When put head-to-head with competitive products in subjective testing, mBrace™ wins the touch-test hands-down with unparalleled improvements in softness.  


As the global demand for nonwoven products continues to grow, Americhem is uniquely positioned to help manufacturers across diverse industries achieve new opportunities for differentiation. Our proprietary mBrace™ softening additive technology is currently being used in hygiene and healthcare products where safety is paramount. As a committed manufacturing partner, Americhem actively supports its customers as they seek to confirm conformance with applicable regulatory standards. Having a full family of mBrace™ softening additives enables us to offer the correct value proposition, aligning it with the needs of each specific application. 


The beauty of mBrace™ is that it is a fully customized softening agent, capable of helping you achieve the exact touch, feel and desired softness level for your particular application. Americhem’s material science experts will work closely with you to understand the specific goals you are trying to reach while being mindful of all technical requirements. Our innovative technology can be combined with color and other product-enhancing additives to create a completely tailored solution to meet the most challenging demands.


When sourcing mBrace™ as a standalone product, you can expect high-quality masterbatch dry pellets that can be introduced in traditional pellet handling systems. Our superior softening additive comprises a proprietary chemistry mix incorporated into the polymer matrix during the fiber extrusion process. This results in long-lasting effects and eliminates the need for any secondary processing. Americhem evaluates each application’s desired outcome and designs the masterbatch to enhance product attributes and optimize performance.