Antistatic Agents for Additive Masterbatches and Concentrates

Antistatic Agent Additives for Custom Color Masterbatches

Unmodified plastics are insulators with surface resistivity greater than 1014 Ohms.  During processing and use, plastics are repeatedly brought into contact with different materials and develop static.  While there are several useful applications, static electricity can cause a lot of problems – from simple dust accumulation and clinging of films to costly damage in electronic component packaging and shipping.  Humidity plays an important role in anstatic behavior, and several applications require product performance in extreme low humidity conditions.

Americhem can custom design antistatic masterbatches to suit your needs -  surface resistivity and/or static decay.

Custom Color Concentrates Through Americhem

Americhem has decades of experience providing custom additive masterbatches and concentrates for your plastic products. Our engineering team can work with you to test your products and come up with a custom masterbatch solution to meet your antistatic needs. Contact us today to learn more about antistatic agent additives for your custom color masterbatches and concentrates.