Flame Retardants for Additive Masterbatches and Concentrates

Flame Retardant Additives for Custom Color Masterbatches

An uncontrolled fire can wreak havoc in any situation. Thermoplastics polymers are increasingly used in a variety of consumer and industrial products.  Many commercial polymers in use today are inherently flammable and rely on flame retardant additives to provide flame retardance in order to achieve their full potential as a material of choice in various applications. Depending on the chemistry of the polymer and end use requirements, a variety of flame retardants are incorporated.

Our flame retardant additives for masterbatches are designed to:
• Increase a product’s resistance to ignition
• Reduce the release of heat and spreading of flame
• Limit the amount of smoke

From carpets to textiles to a wide range of plastic applications, Americhem can design FR masterbatches to meet your customer requirements.

Custom Color Concentrates Through Americhem

If you’re in need of flame retardant additives for your plastic and synthetic fibers products, we can help. Americhem’s experienced team custom-engineers solutions for your products, creating an additive concentrate that is specifically designed based on your needs. Contact us today to get the best custom color masterbatches with flame retardants for your products.