Optical Brightener Masterbatches

Optical Brighteners for Custom Color Masterbatches

The appearance of a product is very important. Plastic products can begin to yellow, giving them a color that negatively affects their appearance and hurts customer appeal. Optical brighteners absorb light in the UV and violet region (340-370 nm) and re-emit that light in the blue region (420-470 nm). This can enhance the appearance by making it appear cleaner, brighter and more white.

Optical brightener additives work to brighten the colors of your application to help hide the effects of yellowing. Through custom color concentrates, Americhem's additives can enhance the color of your plastic products and keep them from visibly aging. Americhem can customized an optical brightener solution based on your polymer needs. 

Optical Brightener Solutions Through Americhem

Americhem specializes in designing custom color and additive masterbatches to enhance your plastic applications. Our team of experts follow a value engineering model to design a custom solution for your final product.

Americhem has provided customers with decades of high-quality color and additive solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how we benefit your plastic products with our optical brightener additives for custom color masterbatches and concentrates.