UV Additives in Color Compounds

For specialty plastics that require long-term or critical stabilization against the harmful UV rays of sunlight, Americhem leads the way in creating innovative UV additive solutions for the most demanding applications.


For over 40 years, Americhem has developed industry-leading UV stabilizer additives that are tailored to improve a product’s color retention, functionality, and stability. These technologically superior additives are formulated in-house with synergistic blends of stabilizers and antioxidants to protect today’s plastics from UV light by inhibiting reactions that cause chemical degradation.

Leveraging our extensive experience in product additives, we help customers worldwide achieve their most challenging processing and functional needs. Americhem’s UV blocker additive technologies enable the use of plastics in a growing number of markets and high-value applications. In the case of our UV additives for plastic packaging of food, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, our transparent and opaque offerings meet both color and light transmission requirements to protect product contents in many spaces.

Need to Achieve Specific UV Protection?

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Comprehensive UV Blocker Additive

Americhem supplies premium color masterbatches with UV additives blended to help manufacturers reach unmatched protection and endurance levels. Common UV stabilizer additives used include high and low molecular weight HALS, UV absorbers, and primary and secondary antioxidants. By combining additional additives offered by Americhem, we can deliver comprehensive solutions to achieve multiple attributes, including:

  • Antimicrobial Protection
  • Stain Resistance
  • Colorfastness
  • Low Gloss Effects
  • Heat Stabilization
  • Hydrolysis Resistance

UV Formulas for Multiple Thermoplastic Materials

Our UV stabilizer additives can be tailored for use in most thermoplastics, including polyolefins, TPEs, engineering plastics, nylon, PET, PC, ABS, alloys/blends and more. Americhem partners with some of the world’s largest manufacturers to deliver additive technologies that help extend their products’ lives. Ask us how we can enhance your material of choice.

Specializing in UV Additives for Plastic in Outdoor Applications

Americhem has one of the largest privately-held, full-scale weathering labs that we use to simulate accelerated UV degradation effects on chemical compositions to ensure our customers’ products will withstand all the outdoor elements and conditions they endure. Over the past several decades, we have generated significant amounts of proprietary data, which have become invaluable in designing customized solutions for the outdoor use of thermoplastics. Americhem’s breadth and depth of UV additives for plastic –  combined with our personalized support and webinar series on our exterior capabilities – have helped solidify our position as a globally trusted advisor and full-service provider.

Supporting Emerging Markets and a Circular Economy

As we look ahead to the future, the movement toward more plastics-based solutions requires us to develop long-term durability requirements without compromising sustainability. Americhem supports the emerging trend in the auto industry to use resin grades that emit fewer VOCs by supplying low-VOC UV additives for vehicle interiors. We are also continually tailoring our UV and other additive packages to support a circular economy that aligns with our commitment to responsible sourcing and production. We invite you to partner with us to address any new or existing challenges.


As experts in UV additive technologies, we can develop a customized solution for your particular plastics application. Do you have any questions about our engineered compound capabilities? We would be happy to discuss how we can make your materials more resistant to UV degradation. Contact Americhem today to find out more about our UV additives.

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