How to Future-Proof Your Auto Interior Surfaces

Published 04/28/2020

The automotive industry is a fast paced world so Americhem is here to help you stay ahead of the curve. Preparing for the future manufacturing of cars is a way to be a market leader so here are a few tips and predictions.

Americhem’s Future-Proof Tips:

  • Certified pre-owned vehicles are much more popular to buy than brand new cars
    • Automotive interiors need to be sustainable and last much longer than they used to
  • Car interior air quality standards are going to continue refining
    • Engineering ecofriendly resins and materials to meet demanding OEM standards
  • Most people do not know or care to know the difference between real leather and plastic
    • More OEMs are turning to polymeric solutions for their automotive interiors

Need to future-proof your materials? Americhem can help you innovate your way through the automotive industry.