Metal to Plastic Conversion: Re-energizing Cost Savings Potential in Your Medical Device Development with Americhem Healthcare

Published 04/22/2024

Why Change to Plastic? 

Explore a practical approach to cost savings and performance enhancements in your medical device with Metal to Plastic Conversion. By leveraging Americhem Healthcare’s advances in engineered compounds, you can open the door to innovation by redesigning costly metallic device components to plastics. Experience newfound design freedom as we leverage engineering compounds to enhance function, reliability, and quality while reducing manufacturing complexities.

Initial Product Design Phase: Begin the journey towards cost reduction and optimization during the product design phase. Our engineering and technical resources, coupled with early supplier involvement ensure seamless integration of plastics components. Together, we'll offer unbiased material and additive selection, understand performance requirements, and select the optimal compounded resins, maximizing value-add propositions.

Cost Improvement and Optimization Phase: Let Americhem Healthcare be your partner in Continuous Improvement Projects (CIP). Our technical and engineering expertise will identify opportunities for metal to plastic conversion, reducing costs and enhancing function and reliability. Whether it's a part-by-part review or a comprehensive analysis of the entire device and manufacturing process, we've got you covered!

Further Advantages: Metal to plastic conversion isn't just about swapping one material for another; it's about unlocking a myriad of benefits that propel engineered material selection and medical device development forward.

Design Freedom: Say goodbye to constraints and hello to boundless creativity. With engineering compounds, we're redefining design for manufacture, seamlessly integrating complex shapes that eliminate the need for multiple metallic components and costly secondary operations. This not only streamlines production but also enhances function and reliability with tight tolerance molded components, ensuring top-notch quality every time. We're tackling the age-old question: "Will it work?" With sophisticated simulations, we can confidently address form, fit, and function, minimizing risk and maximizing efficiency in the design process.

Corrosion Resistance: Bid farewell to rust and degradation. Plastic materials are inherently resistant to corrosion, ensuring longevity and durability even in harsh environments. This translates to reduced maintenance costs and enhanced product lifespan.

Performance Enhancement with Plastics: Prepare to witness a paradigm shift in performance! By embracing reinforced fiber technology, we're fortifying plastics with unparalleled strength, wear resistance, and lubricity. The result? Extended product life, reduced noise levels, and enhanced reliability. Additionally, weight reduction, improved aesthetics, and ergonomics are on the horizon, ensuring products not only perform better but also look and feel superior.

Material Biocompatibility and Regulatory Rigor: Pave the way for applications in the medical field where safety and compatibility are paramount. Americhem Healthcare offers clean manufacturing in an ISO 13485 environment and adheres to multiple medical industry standards.

Sustainability: Embracing plastic conversion aligns with our commitment to sustainability. By utilizing lightweight plastics, we're reducing carbon footprints through decreased fuel consumption in transportation and extending product life cycles through recyclability and eco-friendly materials.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your medical device with Metal to Plastic Conversion. Our material compounding experts are eager to share our knowledge and advise on a customized solution that best suits your device development, processing, and end-use requirements. Connect with one of our team members today!

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