When working with fine nonwoven fabrics, production efficiency, color consistency and higher yields per pack are essential to ensuring high-quality end products – and profitability.

Americhem helps you achieve it all with our full line of nonwoven color and additive masterbatches for nonwoven fabrics that includes customizable combinations of nDuramax® UV stabilizers, nShieldTM antimicrobials, flame retardants, antioxidants, hydrophilics, softening agents, strength enhancers and optical brighteners – all in one pellet.
Process efficiency is also dramatically improved with:
  • Superior dispersion quality, resulting in lower pack pressure rise, fewer spin breaks and virtual elimination of die-face buildup
  • Uniform dispersion throughout the fiber, significantly reducing the presence of aggregates and agglomerates for increased pack life and spinning efficiency
  • Complete control over opacity and color quality of the final material
And our high-performance products are just one part of the equation. To help you succeed from initial design to commercialization, we employ a value engineering model that includes global availability of products and services, conveniently located Synthetic Fibers Color Design Centers, analytical, physical and weathering testing, Americhem U continuing education opportunities, process simulation through our pilot equipment and color trend forecasting.
Americhem’s global footprint gives you the advantage of consistent, high quality dispersions from all of our locations throughout North America, Europe and China.
Raise the bar on what you can and should expect from your nonwoven color masterbatch and nonwoven additive masterbatch supplier. Contact us today to get started on your custom solution.
Product brands and technologies for nonwovens: