Americhem Celebrates 80 Years with 6 Month Celebration

Published 05/25/2021

To celebrate Americhem’s growth from 1 location in 1941 to now 12 global locations, they will be donating to each plant’s local charities as a way to give back to each one of those communities. The campaign will kick off in June featuring Americhem’s Headquarters and its plant in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. They will continue announcing the Location Donations every month leading up to their 80 year anniversary.


A celebration will also take place over the next 6 months that will highlight 12 of Americhem’s longest tenured employees. Americhem is known for having statistically long tenures in an extraordinary amount of employees. All 12 of the employees being featured have over 27 years of service with the company, including the longest tenured employee having 50 years of Americhem employment. You can follow along and read about their individual journeys as 2 interviews will be released per month at this link: /pages/why-americhem


“Conducting the employee tenure interviews not only moved me as a fellow Americhem employee, but also inspired me in my own career. You rarely hear people staying at 1 company for this long and that says a lot about Americhem,” states Hailey Cassidy, Global Digital Marketing Manager. “These are people who have seen natural ups and downs over 25+ years and still feel endlessly grateful for what Americhem has given to them. I am so excited to share these inspirational stories.”


Look for more announcements as the 80 Year Anniversary nears on Nov. 29, 2021.

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