Why You Should Choose Americhem?

We provide our employees with a work-life balance surrounded by individuals who make up successful collaborative teams. Working at Americhem provides you with purpose and meaningful experiences to develop your career and contribute towards the overall company success.

Purposeful and Challenging Work

Cross-functional work teams, various committees including charity, wellness, color trends and employee appreciations

Personal and Professional Development

Leadership training, paid college tuition, paid continued education and seminars, in-house industry training, career mapping across all departments

Caring and Supportive Culture

Cross-company community involvement, United Way campaign, 8 hours of paid time off for community involvement, charity committee where employees can make donation requests, confidential employee assistance program (EAP)

Highly Valued Relationships and Teamwork

Annual reviews to foster open communication between employee and supervisor, acknowledgement of long-tenured employees, encouragement of collaboration across department

Competitive Compensation, Benefits, and Incentives

Total rewards compensation and benefits package, annual compensation studies based on local markets, annual benchmark studies on all benefits, competitive starting wages at most locations, competitive shift differentials

Americhem Celebrates 80 Years with Employee Tenure Interviews

We will be highlighting 12 of Americhem’s longest tenured employees leading up to our 80 year anniversary on November 29, 2021. Americhem is known for having statistically long tenures in an extraordinary amount of employees. All 12 of the employees being featured have over 27 years of service with the company, including the longest tenured employee having 50 years of Americhem employment. You can follow along and read about their individual journeys as 2 interviews will be released per month on this page.

And don't forget to check out our interview with Bill Fowler from 2019! Bill Fowler achieved 50 years of service at Americhem working all types of jobs in the production department. He was hired in January of 1969 through a job interview that was set up by the Akron Urban League. Prior to accepting the job with Americhem, Bill had worked two other jobs: construction worker and a delivery man of restaurant supplies for 7 restaurants in the Akron area.

Bill was presented with an award from Mayor Don Walters that declared January 29 as Bill Fowler Day in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. After receiving his award, Bill was kind enough to sit down and be interviewed in honor of his 50 years of dedication to Americhem.

Thank You

Thank you to all the employees listed above for your endless commitment to Americhem and your timeless friendship to many of us. We wish you continued success in your long standing career and look forward to your ongoing positivity you spread across the company.