Aromatic Ketone Polymers & PEAK/PEEK Plastics

What are Aromatic Ketone Polymers?

Aromatic ketone polymers, sometimes referred to as polyaryletherketones (PAEKs) and/or polyetheretherketones (PEEK), are a family of semicrystalline high-performance thermoplastics characterized by outstanding thermal stability, mechanical properties, and chemical resistance. These properties enable aromatic ketones to replace metals in some of the most severe end-use environments. Additionally, aromatic ketones can be characterized as having inherent purity, excellent combustion resistance and good electrical properties.

The Americhem Advantage in Aromatic Ketone Polymers

Americhem has experience in compounding aromatic ketones to yield consistent pellet geometry and maximize performance. We are able to provide a wide range of formulations with one or multiple fillers in one compound. Due to the cost of aromatic ketones, Americhem can provide custom formulations in smaller MOQs than most of the industry, as well as long campaigns for larger volume applications.

High temperature chemical resistance
High temperature resistance
High temperature wear resistance
Processing versatility
Medical compounds

Aromatic Ketone Polymers Material Offerings

  • PEEK
  • PAEK
  • PEK
  • PEKK
  • Alloys
Carbon Fibers
Carbon Fiber Additives
Aramid powder and fibers
Metal fibers and powders
Glass Fiber
Glass Fiber Additives