Americhem Custom Solutions & Functional Technology

Customized Performance

Additives that improve end-use applications and yield consistent results, further enhancing your product’s quality in the marketplace.

With the right additive dispersions empowering your products, you’ll never have to compromise on functionality, processing performance or aesthetics. That’s why we provide you with a custom solution that is optimized for your application, yields consistent results, and allows your product to operate at its best. Our additives ensure long-lasting performance, whether that means standing up to the sun’s rays, preventing ignition or the spread of flames, or counteracting microbe growth.

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Softness Additives

Our softness-enhancing products let you choose a softness level for your product. Combine it with your ideal color, and you’ll emerge with a custom solution for your nonwoven product.

Antimicrobial Additives

Protect your products from a breadth of microorganisms with antimicrobial additives designed for synthetic fibers, nonwovens, turf, and plastic products.

Flame Retardants

While many commercial polymers are inherently flammable, with the right flame-resistance modifiers, you can use your material of choice to its full potential.

UV-Stabilizing Products

Provide protection from UV light-induced degradation, everything from fibers to profile extrusions to molded parts are defended against weathering.


Create products that resist oxidative/thermal degradation during processing and use with additives engineered to inhibit the oxidative process in specific polymers.

Slip Agents

Decrease the coefficient of friction in a wide range of polymer products with slip agents designed to improve production efficiency and downstream handling.

Cycle-Time Reducers

Improve performance by reducing cycle times, increasing throughput and freeing up capacity.

Expanding Your Capabilities

Our functional additives can be used as stand-alone products or in combination with custom colors designed for multiple polymers. And, as always, working with Americhem means you have extensive testing, design services, educational opportunities, and expert support services behind you.

Experience Counts

Customers from around the world, in diverse industries, rely on our functional additives. When you work with Americhem, you not only end up with a polymer-based product that provides the precise functional performance you need, but also receive the expertise of a company that has been a leading provider of custom color matches since 1941.