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Americhem uses innovative technology in color and additives combined with various thermoplastic resin families to achieve high-end colored materials for an assortment of customer processes and applications. We custom formulate our products to achieve color harmony, lot-to-lot consistency, and reliable materials that ensure our customers’ trust. Our high-performance products, combined with knowledge in material science, allow Americhem to be the solution to your custom needs.

We’ve raised the bar on what you can and should expect from your masterbatch, additive, and custom compound supplier. Our high-performance products, combined with knowledge in material science, allow Americhem to be the solution to your custom needs.

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Value Engineering is Americhem’s Most Important Additive

Americhem will collaborate with customers to improve product performance and meet end-use application requirements while also minimizing difficulty in processing. Let us work with you to develop the right formula based on your production process while maintaining convenience and consistency. 

Thermoplastic Elastomers

Americhem offers a variety of thermoplastic elastomers in a range of hardness levels. From soft-touch flexible materials to high-hardness durable compounds, we offer a wide array of technologies for your needs.

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Polysulfones, or PSU, are amorphous resins, yielding dimensionally accurate parts, which should be considered when Polycarbonate does not provide enough heat resistance and/or chemical resistance. Polysulfone is transparent, high strength, inherently flame retardant, and has high heat resistance and stability, with great electrical performance.

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The most widely used plastic, polyolefins are found in industries ranging from fibers to automotive, offering excellent processability at a low cost. Americhem specializes in coloring polyolefins for both indoor and outdoor applications with the ability to create special effects, high chromatic color, and much more.

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PVC is the most widely produced thermoplastic worldwide due to its durability. Flexible or rigid, Americhem specializes in formulating PVC compounds whether they are for capstock and deck boards, electrical cable insulation, or a wide variety of automotive interior and exterior applications, we can work with you to develop the right PVC compound for your process.

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Polyester is a natural and synthetic polymer that comes in a variety of chemistries, all containing an ester functional group. Due to its diversity, Americhem has developed strong technologies in polyester materials such as PET, PTT, PBT and PETG.

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Nylon is a versatile polymer that can be used in a wide range of applications due to its durability and high heat stability. Nylon is commonly used in apparel, textiles, food packaging, and injection molded applications.

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Styrenic polymers offer an advantage over other polymers in their ability to be easily processed over a wide temperature range. Styrenic polymers are amorphous polymers that are mainly composed of styrene blocks. Styrenic polymers can range anywhere from stiff and transparent to tough and durable.

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Polymer alloys are blends of two or more polymers to form a homogenous mix. Americhem specializes in creative alloys in order to enhance processability, properties of the material, and overall performance.

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Polycarbonate is clear, colorable, and has excellent stability and toughness. This polymer has the ability to be sterilized by EtO, Gamma, E-Beam, and Steam Autoclave. Americhem specializes in developing biocompatible grades with high flow or flame retardency.

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Aromatic Ketone Polymers

Aromatic ketone polymers, sometimes referred to as polyaryletherketones (PAEKs) and/or polyetheretherketones (PEEK), are a family of semicrystalline high-performance thermoplastics characterized by outstanding thermal stability, mechanical properties, and chemical resistance.

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Fluoropolymers, or FPs, are lower viscosity versions of PTFE, which allow these materials to be injection molded. FPs have outstanding resistance to chemicals and temperature. FPs have excellent dielectric properties along with low wear and low friction values.

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Polyetherimide has a wide variety of characteristics to fit your needs such as high compressive and tensile strength, dimensional stability, excellent creep resistance, inherent flame retardancy, and chemical resistance.

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At Americhem, your business is our specialty

Our diverse mix of color masterbatches, single pigment dispersions, additive concentrates, and custom compounds are matched by the focused range of markets and applications we serve.

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Innovating Customized Solutions

The world of thermoplastics consists of a wide variety of polymer classes, and Americhem is proud to have experience and technologies in many of them.  We formulate with thermoplastic elastomers, polyolefins, PVC, Nylons, polymer alloys, polycarbonates, styrenics, polyesters, sulfones, and many more. We continue to expand our knowledge and grow using new resin families and collaborating with our customers to develop new products together.